Best Smooth Wines

‘Best Smooth Wines’ is a popular part of the BSJ show. Angie joins Rod to talk about the new red, rose and white wines from around the world, tasting them ‘live’ on the show. Good bad or indifferent – Angie reviews them all.

‘I’m always honest about the wines we taste – if it’s not enjoyable, we’ll switch to another bottle – life’s too short for bad wine. Luckily I get to review some super wines and I love to share my thoughts on them with you’

Best Smooth Wines

As featured on Best Smooth Jazz

New Year, New Wine

4th January 2020

The first Best Smooth Jazz Show of 2020 was exciting not just because it was a new year and a brand new decade but because we were able to review a really nice Chianti . . . . in a retro basket no less. Rod received this as a gift for Christmas and, as a listener pointed out – no doubt it will be featured on a future BSJ TV show with a candle in it. It was fairly dry (as a good Chianti should be) but was forthright and spiky on the tongue – couldn’t have drunk too much of it as it should have been paired with some ripe cheese or a nice antipasti to enhance the flavour and truly appreciate its appeal. Italy is world renowned for its Chianti and this Cassatta Barrettini 2017 at 12% was a good example. Sainsburys £7.99.

Second up on the show was the inimitable ‘Underworld Blend 3’ 2018 which I was very much looking forward to tasting. South African, West Cape, from our local wine merchant – and generously gifted by Elle – it came recommended and as I love a good blend, it was therefore high up on my expectations. The grapes were Grenache noir / Durif / Carignon and Mourvèdre – a combination which should have been luscious, however I probably didn’t serve at the correct temperature because it lacked interest and although had some deep red berry fruitiness, proved to be dull and uninspiring. Note to self, make sure that red wine is warmer than room temperature – difficult to achieve sometimes in the winter (from kitchen pantry or the wine cellar) cost £12.99, 13.5%.

So, our third tasting of the day – Andes Peaks 2018, Carmenere from Chile’s Valle Central at 13.5%. Now this was the best of the bunch, loved it, interestingly still at temperature of the previous wines (not chilled obviously) tasted zesty yet plummy, just what you fancy this time of the year. It was succulent with rich tones of violet on the tongue – a mouthwash of delight. Best enjoyed with roast or grilled meats and perhaps some more of that delicious ripe cheese. £9.99 from local wine merchants but also available at most supermarkets, I have seen it in Sainsburys and Waitrose.

Wines at Christmas

14th December 2019

The best wines tasted so far this Christmas have been the amazing Gruet, a sparkling Champagne from local wine merchants - priced at £27.95

The really rather special Vinca Verrene - a chocolaty offering from Italia, super smooth, like a touch of velvet on the tongue, a hint of spice and a deep finish.

A cheeky treat was The Coffee House Pinotage, also from the  local wine merchants. Smoky and deep, a whisper of coffee – a tiny hint of dark chocolate but not overpowering, ensuring a delicious taste right down to the final mouthful. 2017, Wellington South Africa. choices, choices. . . .

Merry Christmas!